Camporee Oak Canyon Park...Space Quest!

Thanks goes out to our Troop 319 Staff for hosting...especial Diana and George Lang, Debbi Campana, and Mike Newell. I know all the troops had a great time and enjoyed the activities.

Lastly, congratulations to our scout leaders. As Comporee SPL, Tyler B. did a wonderful job. And of course Troop 319's SPL, Rickey G., did an amazing job of keeping the boys focused and remembering what is most important...HAVING FUN!

Awards: Troop 319 earned 14 awards at our annual Camporee

  • Award of Honor-Golden Pie Tin (Intergalactic Manatees)
  • Award of Honor- Golden Spoon (Intergalactic Manatees)
  • Award of Honor- SPL/Scoutmaster (Pie and Bubble Gum Contest)

First Place Awards:

  • Best Large Troop Spirit (Troop 319)
  • Campsite Inspection (Troop 319)
  • Spirit/Patrol (Space Garbage)

Second Place Awards:

  • Troop Trivia (Troop 319)
  • Best Large Troop (Troop 319)
  • Knots (Space Garbage)
  • Spirit/Patrol (Space Crickets)

Third Place Awards:

  • Pioneering (Space Garbage)
  • Patrol Flag (Intergalactic Teletubbies)
  • Spirit/Patrol (Intergalactic Teletubbies)
  • Orienteering (Planetary Predators)

Trinon Carter - As always, Proud Scout Master of Troop 319


  • [Oct 2017] Congratulations Nathaniel L. on being Troop 319's 160th Eagle Scout
  • [Jul 2017] Congratulations Eric K. on being Troop 319's 159th Eagle Scout
  • [Jun 2016] Congratulations Logan G. on being Troop 319's 158th Eagle Scout
  • [Jun 2016] Congratulations Kevin A. on being Troop 319's 157th Eagle Scout
  • [Jun 2016] Congratulations Tyler B. on being Troop 319's 156th Eagle Scout
  • [Jun 2016] Congratulations Quentin V. on being Troop 319's 155th Eagle Scout
  • [May 2016] Congratulations Jameson A. on being Troop 319's 154th Eagle Scout
  • [Apr 2016] Congratulations John M. on being Troop 319's 153rd Eagle Scout
  • [Apr 2016] Congratulations Ben S. on being Troop 319's 152nd Eagle Scout
  • [Apr 2016] Congratulations Brian K. on being Troop 319's 151st Eagle Scout
  • [Mar 2016] Congratulations Joel R. on being Troop 319's 150th Eagle Scout
  • [Mar 2016] Congratulations Dominic R. on being Troop 319's 149th Eagle Scout
  • [Feb 2016] Congratulations Kevin M. on being Troop 319's 148th Eagle Scout
  • [Dec 2015] Congratulations Nick F. on being Troop 319's 147th Eagle Scout
  • [Dec 2015] Congratulations Joey D. on being Troop 319's 146th Eagle Scout
  • [Nov 2015] Congratulations Chandler O. on being Troop 319's 145th Eagle Scout
  • [Oct 2015] Congratulations Blake N. on being Troop 319's 144th Eagle Scout
  • [Aug 2015] Congratulations Mason G. on being Troop 319's 143rd Eagle Scout
  • [Apr 2015] Congratulations Mike P. on being Troop 319's 142nd Eagle Scout

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